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Why is Street Washing Important?

Street washing offers several benefits. It helps to maintain a high level of street cleanliness and dust control. Dust is a common air pollutant which can cause both environmental and health problems. For nearby residents, it ensures that they do not suffer from acute or chronic respiratory issues as a result of excess dust.

It also helps to keep work sites clean and minimizes tire damage. Road compaction through regular street washing gives the soil underneath higher resistance and greater stability. Compaction removes air voids in the soil, which generally increases the soil’s sheer strength and decreases its permeability.

On busy roadways, it is important to get the street washing job completed quickly. Our trucks are outfitted with a minimum of 200 feet of hose, allowing us to park flexibly. Depending on the unit, pump-off time is between 15 to 45 minutes. Our fleet is ready to fill your biggest street washing needs!

Efficient Street Washing

Our trucks can address your municipal street cleaning needs. We have trucks equipped with front spray nozzles.

We know that it is important that the job is done efficiently. We have tanks with capacity up to 9,700 gallons so they do not require multiple fillings to get the job done. Work with us to experience superior street cleaning service!

We are here for your Street Washing and Compaction needs.

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