Sod watering in Southwestern Ontario

The Equipment for Sod Watering Services

In our fleet photos you can see our sod watering truck. It is a well equipped unit, featuring front flusher nozzles, a side boulevard sprayer, side hose reel, and a water cannon capable of shooting 200’. It also has a rear spray bar and a self priming suction pump that allows it to load itself from bodies of water.

The Importance of Landscape Watering

Immediate and frequent watering of freshly laid sod is imperative to its establishment and long term health. Sod should be saturated with water as soon as it is laid, this is especially important if it is subject to full sun and/or is laid on sandy soil. The sod will already be under significant stress before it is laid, and if it is allowed to dry out it will take significant effort to bring it back to health. Conventional wisdom is to water sod once per day for the first week, every second day for the second week, and every third day for the third week. In our experience, we would suggest that may be overkill in many circumstances. Soil type, any available shade, daytime temperatures, time of year, and cloud cover all play significant roles in how much water sod requires to stay healthy. Our suggestion is heavy watering off the start which allows the sod to become properly established, and then evaluating from there. We run into many circumstances where people under water off the start for various reasons, and find out that it takes much more effort and money to try and bring sod back from the dead with emergency watering services then just ensure its proper health off the start. 

Bright Water sod trucks have a capacity of 16,000 liters, which can generally cover 12-13 skids of freshly laid sod. When the sod is more established, the water will go further. When using the cannon continuously, it only takes 20-30 minutes to offload the entire truck. If the sod is in bits and pieces, or is not accessible by cannon, time to offload will vary. The truck can load itself from nearby publicly accessible creeks and ponds, which often reduces the turnaround time if multiple loads are required. The truck carries 300’ of hose on it as well in the event that the work area extends past the gun’s 200’ range. 

To reiterate, we would strongly recommend that you aggressively water any new sod off the start, and then pull back on waterings as you evaluate the sod’s progress. Our truck is outfitted for any scenario and can efficiently get the work done for you. In the event that you only need a small area watered, we can also use our other straight trucks and water using the front nozzles or the hose reel.

In addition to the sod watering truck, we have three units with front flusher nozzles on them. These nozzles can efficiently and effectively remove debris, dirt, dust, and any other contaminants from a surface. The nozzles shoot a jet of water out of them and the operator adjusts the angle of contact to achieve the desired result. The amount of water required to properly clean an area depends on the size and level of contamination, however we find that one load can do most of the jobs our customers book. We do find that in some circumstances multiple passes are required to remove all the contaminants from a surface.

We are here for your Sod Watering needs.

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