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What are the Different Types of Ice Rinks?

Many homeowners love to have a backyard ice rink to enjoy with their family and neighbours. Setting up a backyard ice rink requires some boards and an optional tarp if you are building on grass. The main requirements for backyard ice rinks include a decent amount of space, patience, time, and chilly temperatures of around -15° C (5° F).

Refrigerated rinks are more of a package solution that you set up. Using a chiller (generator) to cool the ice, they allow for a longer season but can require more maintenance at a higher price point. Refrigerated rinks allowed skating to come indoors in all seasons. This is the primary difference between indoor versus outdoor ice rinks.


We start the process of filling your rink by investigating the size of the area and volume required to fill. Our extensive supply of hose allows our vehicles to easily access the pool – regardless of the size of your lot. 

Our trucks are able to respond quickly to your ice rink filling needs. We prefer to stay on the road whenever possible, so our equipment does not risk damage to your driveway. All of our trucks have a minimum of 200’’ hose onboard. We deliver 7 days a week and ask for 24-48 hours notice whenever possible, payment can be made by cash or credit card. Fill out our contact form here  to get a quote on your unique rink-filling needs.

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