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Skating Rink Filling Services

Bright Water Services can fill up your rink too! Backyard rinks have become increasingly popular in years past as people spent more time at home and needed something to do. We have seen many different sizes of rinks and have the equipment to fill yours efficiently no matter how big or small it is.

Convenient And Easy Water Delivery For Ice Rinks

We can tell you how much water you need for your rink, we just need to know the length, width, and average depth. One factor to keep in mind is whether or not the ground you are installing the rink on is actually level. Most properties are not, as water needs to drain away from your house. The water we deliver will always fill the low spots first, so often it is smart to build up one side of your rink higher then the other, if you know its not level. It is important to keep this in mind when indicated the average depth of water you need as well. 

It is also very important to ensure that your rink is sturdy. Each 1,000 liters of water we deliver weights 1 metric tonne and will exert a significant amount of pressure on your outer walls prior to freezing. This can be of additional concern if the ground is not level and the water runs to one side or one corner, putting all the pressure in one area. 

Many of the rinks we fill are in rural areas where space is more available but the only source of water is a well. As frost goes into the ground and rain turns to snow, it is more challenging for your well to replenish itself. This is an important consideration when you try to obtain thousands of liters of water from it, there are many circumstances where we not only end up filling the rink but have to fill the well itself. We have seen many burned out well pumps and other issues when a homeowner finds out the hard way that a water truck would have been a better choice. 

Bright Water Services is very familiar with water delivery for rinks in challenging locations. All of our trucks have 250’ of hose on them, meaning our trucks stay on the road for the vast majority of the rinks that we fill. Additional hose can be provided if needed, or we can use straight trucks to fill your pool if a larger unit is not an option. If you have a large driveway or turn around area, we can back tractor trailers up your driveway. We also have a number of truck/pup units that can bring 34,000-43,000L at once, drop the pup trailer on the road, and ferry in the load using the lead straight truck. This ensures that your rink is filled in a timely and efficient manner.

The cost to fill a rink depends on the location, the volume, and any access considerations. Please call our toll free number or utilize our online request form to get more information. We do ask for 24-48 hours notice for all water filling rink bookings, and can require more than that at the busiest time of the year. Please keep in mind that our pricing allows one hour on site (typical offload time is half of that) and wait time charges will apply if there are issues that require us to be on site longer than an hour.

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