Over 50 Pool Water Loading Sites in Southern Ontario

Our pool filling service provides customers with potable water at competitive rates. We have over 50 loading sites throughout southern Ontario, giving us the ability to service both residential and commercial customers over all of southern Ontario.

Fast and Convenient Pool Water Filling Service

The size and scale of our fleet is unique in the bulk water industry. Our truck sizes range from 3,500gal (16,000 liters) right up to 9,700gal (44,000L) with multiple units of each size. This allows us to service an extensive customer base with the size of unit that they require at each given time. We can fill up pools, ice rinks, spa indoor and outdoor pools or even hot tubs with our heated water delivery!

The biggest benefit to ordering a water truck is time savings. A typical inground pool can take up to a week to fill with a garden hose, whereas Bright Water Services can have your pool full in hours. Many municipalities charge a sewage disposal fee on all water used, meaning that often you are paying more then double your normal water rate when filling your pool. This will narrow the cost difference between our water trucks and your hose, making the convenience of a water truck little to no difference at all when compared to using your hose.

What to expect from Water Delivery for Pools Services

If you have a residence that is on a well you must be careful when contemplating using your well to fill your pool. We have encountered many circumstances where homeowners have utilized their well to fill their pool, without realizing their well would not be able to sustain the demand. We then not only end up filling the pool, but the well itself also. Even if your well is able to handle the volume required to fill your pool, the quality of the water may not be desirable. The cost of the chemicals to treat the water from a well can easily exceed the cost of a water truck with municipal water. 

Bright Water Services is very familiar with filling pools in challenging locations. All of our trucks have 250’ of hose on them, meaning our trucks stay on the road for the vast majority of the pools that we fill. Additional hose can be provided if needed, or we can use straight trucks to fill your pool if a larger unit is not an option. If you have a large driveway or turnaround area, we can back a tractor trailer right up your driveway. We also have a number of truck/pup units that can bring 34,000-43,000L at once, drop the pup trailer on the road, and ferry in the load using the lead straight truck. This ensures that your pool is filled in a timely and efficient manner.

Many of our pool fills are booked by pool companies, or at the request of pool companies. Having a water truck delivery, even for a partial fill, allows the skimmer/jets/returns to be cut in and the liner vacuums removed. This drastically cuts down the amount of time required and means the pool can be started right away. 

Water Truck Delivery Prices

The cost to fill a pool depends on the location, the volume, and any access considerations. Please call our toll free number or utilize our online request form to get more information. We do ask for 24-48 hours notice for all pool bookings, and can require more then that at the busiest time of the year. Please keep in mind that our pricing allows one hour on site (typical offload time is half of that) and wait time charges will apply if there are issues that require us to be on site longer than an hour. 

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We are here for your pool filling needs.

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