Options for warm water deliveries

Bright Water Services can also provide you with heated water!  If you order a normal load of water, you will get water at a temperature ranging from 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the source of the water and time of year. We have many customers who require water that is warmer then that, and we have the water heating equipment to meet that demand.

The importance of hot water deliveries for job sites

We can heat water up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and transport it to you in our insulated tankers. Most of our customers are looking for water between 80-100 degrees however we have had request for water hotter then that, and can accommodate that as previously mentioned. The uses for heated water vary widely. Heated water is used for swimming pool water filling.
Many pool companies will order a load of hot water if they are trying to install a vinyl liner in sub zero temperatures; the hot water returns the liner to its normal rigidity and allows for proper installation. Movie production companies will often want hot water tank for rain scenes, so that the actors/actresses can carry out their roles without being doused in cold water. 

In addition to the uses listed previously, our biggest demand area for hot water is relating to concrete work over the winter. Construction companies use our hot water to melt ice and prep concrete surfaces for further work. Use of hot water also allows concrete to properly cure in colder temperatures, which has applications in the precast industry as well as the energy industry.

Regardless of your application, we would be pleased to provide you with a load of hot water. Pricing is determined by the amount of water you need, and the temperature you need it at. Our standard hourly rates apply for the delivery itself, and we can provide you cost for the load of heated water on top of that. We do ask for 48 hours notice so that we are able to properly schedule you in for the time and date that you want.

We are here for your warm water delivery!

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