Emergency Backup Water Supply

Bright Water Services prides itself on our ability to help our customers who are experiencing a planned or unplanned water outage. We have supplied many public and private sector customers with water when their facilities have been affected by an interruption in their normal water supply. We provide this service for a wide customer base of both large and small operations in the public and private sector. Our trucks can hook up to any plumbing system and provide pressure equal to the normal supply, allowing the facility to continue operating as usual. We have supplied clients as diverse as restaurants, retirement facilities, schools, hospitals, and entire towns during water service interruptions.

Our Process for Emergency Water Delivery

If you need a truck to pressurize a building or potable water system, one of the biggest considerations is consumption. The amount of water that will be consumed and the duration of the outage will be the primary factor in determining whether you need a 16,000L, 34,000L, or 43,000L truck to supply you. Access to the connection area is another concern and may dictate the size of the truck as well. Even if demand will exceed the capacity of the unit provided, we can send a second truck to top up the one sitting on site, or rent you a water tank. In circumstances where demand is high and access allows, we often send our 43,000L truck/pup units. The 27,000L pup trailer can sit on site and provide pressure while the 16,000L lead can go back and forth to the nearest fill station to keep the pup topped up. We have used this capability many times for large factories and water distribution systems. 

We have a variety of fittings and hoses to connect to most potable water systems. The most popular connections are hydrant thread, NPT thread, cam lock connections, and water meter flange. Whenever possible we would suggest a site visit by one of our representatives ahead of time so that we can evaluate access, determine the connection point, and discuss consumption. In the event of an emergency this information can be gathered over the phone and we can evaluate site access prior to the dispatch of the truck. There are some circumstances where a plumber is required to assist in the connection to the potable water system.

Emergency water supply in Southwestern Ontario

Our trucks also assist in watermain commissioning on a regular basis. We can provide water for flushing, swabbing, pressure testing, chlorinating, and dechlorinating. With our multitude of loading sites throughout southern Ontario, we can ensure that the water source meets the municipality’s requirements, and you can be confident that the truck is maintained to potable water standards. We work directly for many of the municipalities and have good lines of communication with those overseeing the distribution systems, which is an asset in many circumstances. Our 16,000L units can do up to 100psi and our 34,000L and 43,000L units can provide up to 150psi; all pumps can do hundreds of gallons per minute in flow making them ideal for all steps in watermain commissioning.

Emergency backup water supply
Emergency water delivery service in Southwestern Ontario

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