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Why is Dust Control Important?

The most significant service we provide to the construction industry is water for dust control and compaction. With the amount of construction ongoing in Southern Ontario this has been one of the largest growth areas for our business.

Compaction is a very important element to site preparation. Improperly packed gravel will lead to shifting structures and damaged roadways. Especially during dry times, gravel will not achieve proper compaction without the addition of water. That is where we come in. The most frequently used method of spreading water is through a spray bar mounted at the rear of the truck. In addition to that, many of our trucks have front spray nozzles, as well as one unit with a water cannon. In circumstances where a truck cannot access the area, we can use a hose to get the water on the material that needs moisture. Often multiple loads are required for large areas, in that circumstance our many loading sites throughout southern Ontario make our services more efficient and less costly.

Dust Control Done Right

Dust control is a critical element of any major site works during dry periods. Dust is an environmental hazard and nuisance, as well as a personal healthy risk. When not controlled properly it can lead to unsafe site conditions for operators, or for motorists if there is an adjacent roadway. Excess dust can lead to complaints from surrounding residents and result in sites being shut down until the dust is brought under control All of our straight trucks are equipped with rear spray bars used for the application of water on roadways to minimize dust levels. Many of our trucks also have front nozzles for application into areas that a truck cannot operate, or for a wider application area. 

Bright Water Services can provide you with a truck for the day or for just one load of water delivery depending on your needs and the amount of traffic on your site. We have many customers who will use a truck all day every day, simply because the risk of being shut down is too costly to chance. Regardless of the scale of your project, we can provide you the water you need in trucks or water tanks to stay up and running.

One important item to keep in mind when ordering an emergency water truck for either compaction or dust control, is that these are on road vehicles. They can handle most off road environments or new construction, but often are not able to follow rock trucks or heavy equipment around. We can and will work on job sites with significant earthworks ongoing, but it is the customer’s responsibility that the area requiring water is smooth and navigable for an on road truck.

We are here for your Dust control needs.

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