Why is Dust Control Important?

Dust control may be required at work sites such as mines, brownfield remediation sites, or construction sites. Most often it is sites that have unpaved surfaces.

Excess dust from these work sites can negatively impact nearby communities. Acute or chronic respiratory issues can arise when people are breathing in dust particles every day. Cars and buildings can also become covered with dust, causing damage over time.

It can also simply be a nuisance having to clean and maintain areas impacted by excess dust. It is not just human communities that can be impacted! Plants and wildlife in the surrounding environment can be harmed by dust coverage, as well.

Controlling dust improves quality of life for the surrounding environment.

Dust control also benefits your work site. It can reduce operating costs by making unpaved roads denser, improving fuel efficiency in the vehicles you use. It can benefit your employees by improving on-site health and safety. Workers are not inhaling dust that may be damaging to their lungs over time. Less dust in the air means greater visibility on your job site.

What is Wet Dust Suppression?

There are many forms of dust suppression techniques, such as ventilation or chemical surfactants. Wet dust suppression, however, uses water sprays to generate less dust.

When the dust particles collide with the water droplets, they rapidly settle out due to their increased size.

Water sprays have been the preferred treatment to suppress dust for many years. It quires a continuous dust monitor to optimize the performance of dust-control.

Dust Control Done Right

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