Hot Tub, Pool, and Swim Spa Filling

Our pool filling service provides customers with potable water at competitive rates. We have over 50 loading sites throughout southern Ontario, giving us the ability to service both residential and commercial customers over all of southern Ontario.

The size and scale of our fleet is unique in the bulk water industry. Our truck sizes range from 3,500gal (16,000 liters) right up to 9,700gal (44,000L) with multiple units of each size. This allows us to service an extensive customer base with the size of unit that they require at each given time.


Bright Water Services can fill up your rink too! Backyard rinks have become increasingly popular in years past as people spent more time at home and needed something to do. We have seen many different sizes of rinks and have the equipment to fill yours efficiently no matter how big or small it is.

We can tell you how much water you need for your rink, we just need to know the length, width, and average depth.

Cisterns, Reservoirs, Tank Rentals, and Wells

We specialize in potable water delivery. Whether you are a homeowner with a small cistern you rely on, or a private or public organization with a reservoir supplying many customers, Bright Water Services can meet your potable water needs.

Emergency Potable Water Hookups and Watermain Commissioning

Bright Water Services prides itself on our ability to help our customers who are experiencing a planned or unplanned water outage. We have supplied many public and private sector customers with water when their facilities have been affected by an interruption in their normal water supply. We provide this service for a wide customer base of both large and small operations in the public and private sector. Our trucks can hook up to any plumbing system and provide pressure equal to the normal supply, allowing the facility to continue operating as usual. We have supplied clients as diverse as restaurants, retirement facilities, schools, hospitals, and entire towns during water service interruptions.

Compaction and Dust Control

The most significant service we provide to the construction industry is water for dust control and compaction. With the amount of construction ongoing in Southern Ontario this has been one of the largest growth areas for our business.

Compaction is a very important element to site preparation. Improperly packed gravel will lead to shifting structures and damaged roadways. Especially during dry times, gravel will not achieve proper compaction without the addition of water. That is where we come in.

Sod Watering and Street Washing

In our fleet photos you can see our sod watering truck. It is a well equipped unit, featuring front flusher nozzles, a side boulevard sprayer, side hose reel, and a water cannon capable of shooting 200’. It also has a rear spray bar and a self priming suction pump that allows it to load itself from bodies of water. 

Immediate and frequent watering of freshly laid sod is imperative to its establishment and long term health. Sod should be saturated with water as soon as it is laid, this is especially important if it is subject to full sun and/or is laid on sandy soil.

Heated Water

Bright Water Services can also provide you with heated water!  If you order a normal load of water, you will get water at a temperature ranging from 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the source of the water and time of year. We have many customers who require water that is warmer then that, and we have the water heating equipment to meet that demand. 

We can heat water up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit and transport it to you in our insulated tankers.


We are here for your bulk water and aggregate needs.

Call us at 1-877-696-3609 or email to book.