Swimming pool water filling

Our pool filling service provides customers with potable water at competitive rates. We have over 50 loading sites throughout southern Ontario, giving us the ability to service both residential and commercial customers over an unparalleled area.
The size and scale of our fleet is unique in the bulk water industry. Our truck sizes range from 3,500gal (16,000 liters) right up to 9,700gal (44,000L) with multiple units of each size. This allows us to service an extensive customer base with the size of unit that they require at each given time.

Worried about the size of your pool? Never fear! We can fill pools of all shapes and volumes. Whether you need a complete fill up or just a top up, we can accommodate your request. Our pump times range from 20-30 minutes and we have enough hose to service nearly any lot size

The sooner you call us the sooner you can start enjoying your pool!


Bright Water Services can fill up your rink too! No matter the size, shape, or location on your property we can determine the volume you need and send the appropriate size with the amount of hose required. We have seen the demand for rink filling grow in recent years as people take advantage of the quality family time they can provide.

Tanks, Cisterns & Reservoirs

Whether you are a homeowner with a small cistern you rely on, or a private or public organization with a reservoir supplying many customers, Bright Water Services can meet your potable water needs. Our dispatchers will take the time to determine what size of unit you need and get it on its way to you.

Emergency Hookups

Bright Water Services prides itself on our ability to help our customers who are experiencing a planned or unplanned water outage. We have supplied many public and private sector customers with water supply when their facilities have been affected by an interruption in their normal water supply. Our trucks can hook up to your plumbing system and provide pressure equal to your normal supply, allowing your facility to continue operating as usual. We have supplied clients as diverse as restaurants, retirement facilities, schools, and hospitals during water service interruptions. If your facility goes through large quantities of water we can send a tanker and pump to sit on site, and a second unit to keep it topped up so that you have no concern about running out of water.

Watermain Flushing and Commissioning

Our vehicles have the capacity and equipment required to get your watermains flushed quickly and easily. With pumps that can provide up to 150psi of pressure and large capacity tankers, we can assist with your flushing, swabbing, chlorinating, and pressure testing. We have access to multiple difference sources of water, so if you need it from a certain source, we can get it for you.

Dust Control and Compaction

Excessive dust is not only a safety hazard it is a health concern. Proper compaction is essential for new roadway or building construction. Regardless of which service you need, our straight trucks are equipped with spray bars and flusher nozzles to wet down your roadway or construction site. Please be sure to book ahead as we experience very high demand for our services when the soil gets dry.

Sod watering in Southwestern Ontario
Sod Watering

It is critical to water sod immediately after installation and then on a regular basis for the first three weeks afterwards. Our sod truck is equipped with a remote controlled water cannon capable of shooting 200’, as well as a boulevard sprayer, as well as an electric hose reel with 200’ of hose on it. This truck allows us to provide our customers with efficient and cost effective sod watering services.

Street Washing and Compaction

We have units equipped with high pressure flushing nozzles, allowing us to clean roadways, parking lots, and sidewalks with ease. Call us for pricing today!


We are here for your bulk water and aggregate needs.

Call us at 1-877-696-3609 or email dispatch@brightwaterservices.ca to book.