Water Delivery 24/7

We are available to meet your needs outside of normal hours. We offer scheduled water deliveries as well as emergency service both overnight and on weekends.

Getting the Job Done Right

With capacities ranging from 2600gal right up to 9700gal we have the unit to meet your needs. Whether you need your pool filled, sod watered, or emergency potable water delivery our trained and experienced staff is ready to meet your water delivery needs.

Commitment to Safety

Delivering drinking water is not to be taken lightly. Our drivers are trained with specific procedures for hauling potable water that go above and beyond what our competitors do and what the public health department requires. We disinfect our stainless steel tankers on a quarterly basis and test them for any contamination at the same interval. As an added layer of protection, the Region of Waterloo Public Health Department inspects each potable water tanker on an annual basis and reviews our policies and procedures at the same time.


Deliveries for Homeowners

Whether you need your pool filled, cistern topped up, or are building a rink for your kids, Bright Water Services has a truck to suit your needs. Our drivers are trained on both urban and rural deliveries and each truck is outfitted with a minimum of 250’ of 3” hose so we can access the area of your property that you need the water.


Helping Businesses Stay Hydrated With Our Bulk Water Delivery

Did your water supply just evaporate? We can provide a truck outfitted with a pump capable of pumping pressurized potable water into your existing plumbing system, allowing you to carry on business as usual and avoid costly shut downs.


Hauling Aggregates and Bulk Commodities

Our fleet of end dump trailers can haul a wide range of aggregates, agricultural commodities, as well as salt and other seasonal commodities. We operate within Ontario, Quebec, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan. Our dedication to service and meeting the customers needs is shared across both sides of our business.

“Terry Howald Pools has been using Bright Water Services for at least 15 years (including when formerly owned by the Brethren) to help with the filling up of homeowners swimming pools. Bright Water Services have always provided us with exceptional customer service both in the office and with the delivery team!”


– Terry Howald Pools Kitchener, ON

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